I recently participated in an ATC swap.  The theme was "What you love" and we had to make 9 ATCs.  I really like to use recycled materials in my paper crafting so I made my ATCs all from recyled materials and scraps.  I made 3 different color schemes.  Here's what I came up with:
The process was very simple and easy. 
I painted music sheets from an old book in 3 different shades of pink. I then collaged pieces of each shade onto left over card stock.  I cut that down into 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 pieces and used these as my base. 

I painted a different piece of scrap card stock  with a lighter shade of pink glitter paint and cut that down to 2 x 3 so they are slightly smaller than my base.
When I make my own dye sprays or am trying out a paint color, I test it on book pages, music sheets, news paper and scraps of card stock. I also save my paper towels and baby wipes that I use when catching over spray, testing colors or just wiping up.  I keep it all in a box, organized by color to use it later on projects.   

I grabbed some dark pink paper towels out of that box and ripped some of it into small pieces.  I arranged them on the pink glitter card stock and then sewed them down in a random pattern with my craft sewing machine.

Hint: don't use cheap thread when sewing paper towel to card stock. It doesn't work. I had to change to some quality thread.  Usually cheap thread works just fine when sewing paper.

Alternative to a sewing machine:  If you don't have one, you can do one of two things.  You could put your card stock on top of a mouse pad and paper pierce your pattern and then sew the paper towel down by hand with a needle and thread.    Second option is to use bigger strips of paper towel and sew them down with cross stitch thread. 
Here's what it looked like when I was done sewing it and attached it to the base.  How fun is that?!  I love it!
I make flowers out of used dryer sheets and attached one of those to each one.  I also made some leaves.  Some I punched out with the Martha Stewart leaf punch and others I just cut out by hand.  I attached the flowers with hot glue so they wouldn't come off.

I make a few different types of flowers out of used dryer sheets. I tried to use ones that were fairly flat for this project so they could be stored in plastic sleeves if any of my swap partners wanted to store them that way. 
I finished them off my cutting out some banners and stamping inspirational words on them.  I made the banners double layered and attached them with and eyelet.  

I used a silver leafing pen to edge the cards and banners. 

Here are the finished orange ones.  The background paper on the base of these is dictionary paper.  The leaves are recycled boxes with used dryer sheets glued on top. They were sprayed with homemade metallic spray.  I used a gold leaf pen for my highlights and edging.
The last set of blue ones are made a bit different.  I didn't collage on the base.  It is just colored card stock that I edged in black.  The next layer is old book pages and then the paper towels are sewn onto plain black card stock.  On these, I used a black pen to doodle leaf veins and a white pen to doodle around the banner edges. 

I hope you like the project and I hope it inspires you to make something creative.  If you have made recycled art or ATCs, I'd love to see them and feature them on the blog. 

Next up is a mini I made titled "Spring is in the Air".  It is made totally from recycled materials or thrift store purchases.  It was  a lot of fun to make.  Keep an eye out for that series to start.

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06/14/2012 9:27pm

Beautiful work Mimi! I cant wait to see them, and thanks for sharing your process!

Deb Muckle
06/15/2012 12:05am

Love the whole recycle theme of this project, thanks for sharing this!

06/14/2012 9:30pm

love them:)

06/14/2012 9:48pm

These are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

06/14/2012 10:29pm

These are really cool. I love ATCs

06/15/2012 12:10am

These turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing your details - I love your dryer sheet flowers! :)

06/15/2012 2:08am

absolutely brilliant

06/15/2012 11:06pm

Totally love these. Great job!

06/16/2012 1:09pm

SO pretty, what a great way to recycle!

06/17/2012 8:39pm

hiya Mimi , you are a woman after my own heart with the whole recycling thingx iwill be posting my 10 ATC's ffroma swap at facebook so please stop by my blog and see what i came up with x


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